1951 Maroon

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Maroons 1951_-_2009

This can be accessed in pdf format by clicking on this link: Maroon 1951.  The contents of this edition of the Maroon are as follows:

Pages 1-5: Advertisements and Contents page

Page 6: Editorial

Page 7: President's Message (G E Hardy)

Page 8: Annual General Meeting

Page 9: Balance Sheet

Page 10: "Devolution of Power is my Policy" (A C Howard)

Page 10: Forthcoming Events

Page 11: Annual Dinner (M Eastman)

Page 13: Officers

Page 14: Mr W Murdock (W E Pretty)

Page 16: Dramatic Section (C B Beer)

Page 17: Dance Section (G Cooke)

Page 18: Cricket (M Neeves)

Page 20: Football Section (P Jordan)

Page 21: Hockey Section (G Cooke)

Page 22: Junior Correspondent (A M Morley)

Page 24: Correspondence (N D Brand & F Edmead)

Page 26: The P.T. Salt (F Horlock)

Page 27: School Notes (F E Baker)

Page 29: Judo (L Grice)

Page 31: Nigeria (Captain R Hart)

Page 33: Red Devil and the Green Angel (2nd Lieut. J H R White)

Page 35: Ornithology and Yvonne (A J F Stagg)

Page 36: The Mountains (R Skinner)

Page 38: Your Leave Extended (R Smith)

Page 39: Honours List

Page 40: Births, Engagements, Mariages and Deaths

Pages 41-44: Advertisements