Final OBA Veterans reunion (again!)

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A very enjoyable evening was had on 13th June 2019 at the latest in a series of ‘last’ OBA Veterans reunions held once again in the ‘Appleyard Sports Bar’ (previously known as UK Paper, and previously known as Bowaters Pavilion). It seems we get more to these reunions that we used to get available for Sunday morning matches.

Various historical photos were available from Peter Lusted and Mick Pack, and disturbingly some were in black and white.

There were a number ‘first timers’ at this reunion – Nigel Snelling, John Kingsnorth, Bob Wilmott, and all the way from Australia, John Miles.

Here is a full list of those present, not in any particular order, and the usual question – can you put these names to all those in the photo attached?

Alan Snelling, Peter Lusted, Mick Pack, John Miles, Nigel Snelling, Jamie Henley, Colin Hills, John Kingsnorth, Lee Orgill, Bob Wilmott, Sos Ferrar, Peter Le Beau, Peter Thompson, Keith Shea, Roger Goodger, Rob Kemsley and Stuart Reynolds.


OBA Vets 2019

Of course, there will be another ‘last’ reunion next year.