School Memorabilia

Christmas celebrations 1944

This is the time of year we glance over our shoulder to times and ages past in our celebration of Christmas before we firmly look forward again in the New Year. Our Archive of School magazines, bolstered this year with the bequest of John Allard’s Year Books, offers a great view into Christmases Past at the School.

BGS Meccano Club

School clubs were the staple of many a Borden pupil - Chess Club with Mr Sayer and Wargames with Alun Davies spring to this Editors mind. But delve further back and it seems the School had some interesting other clubs. 

Memories of Ron Swan

Recently the OBA was contacted by the daughter of Ron Swan (1936-41) seeking a copy of the School history for Ron. We learnt that Ron was planning to write up his recollections of his time at School. Now aged ninety-four, he must almost certainly be the oldest Old Bordenian. 

Old School Building - Heritage Video

Sittingbourne Heritage Museum has put together a video, available on YouTube, detailing a brief history of the building that was the original site of the School on College Road. Previous news article has highlighted the likelihood of the site, which later became an Adult Education Centre, being redeveloped as a residential site.





Military memories of Old Bordenian

Brigadier Ernest Goode, CBE who attended BGS in the early 1920s had a long military career. He was commissioned into the Royal Army Service Corps and soon after seconded for duty with the Sudan Defence Force, 1935-43. Following this wartime service he was appointed aide-de-camp to The Queen, 1959-62.

If you want to hear more about his time in the Sudan, a recording of his experiences in the Sudan is available on the Imperial War Museum's website:



1970 Speech Day Programme

The 1970 Speech Day Programme has been provided to us for publication.  If visitors of the site have any BGS school memorabilia that they wish to share, please send it to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

BGS Speech_Day_1970_0001