Tributes to Mark Heppell (OB 1971-1978)

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These tributes have been received from Mark's classmates, Old Bordenians all:

Richard Jordan

One memory I have of Mark Heppell was from over 50 years ago (!) – it may have been when we were in the first year at Borden, or maybe earlier, whilst at primary school. My mother had been given charge of myself, Mark, and possibly one other boy, on a schoolday afternoon (so, possibly first year Speech Day, when First Years  got the afternoon off?) She took us to Pelosi’s , a café on the High Street, where we were treated to an ice cream soda or similar. Mum warned us to behave well as Mr Pelosi  “had his Beady Eye on us”….an impressed and slightly worried Mark Heppell enquired in hushed tones “What’s a B.D.I ??”

Chris Francis

I was very sorry to learn of the sad passing of Mark.

Mark was a genuinely friendly and popular student; he always seemed to be cheerful and smiling, and possessed an infectious sense of humour. 

John Freeman Horne

It is sad to learn of Mark Heppell’s passing, especially at such a relatively young age.

I must admit I haven’t seen Mark for probably 40 years or so. I used to bump into him in town in the first few

years after we left school but don’t recall seeing him after that. My condolences go to his family & close friends.

Pete Norrington

Very sad news indeed…I have fond memories of our time together in a school band along with John Saich and Alan Beney. Mark was a true character and a fine musician.

Greg Barry

We were in 1E together and I last saw him at an OBA dinner a few years ago - a fine cricketer and all round good chap.

Mark Sayer, Association Chair, pens this personal tribute of affection, on the news of Mark Heppell’s passing:

This comes as a tremendous shock, very sad news. I always called Mark "PeterMark", because Mark was his second name. When I arrived at Borden in the 2nd year (classroom behind the partition at the back of the 1928 Hall, then the Art Room) he and Mark Gibbs helped me to settle in.    Three Marks.

PeterMark's very first words to me, as I sat down, were: "Do you have hairy b@!!@cks ? Spainy's got hairy b@!!@cks" ... an unconventional, though effective, ice-breaker !  … and we took it from there.

Such are the priorities of twelve year-olds.

I last heard from PeterMark on 6th March, when he apologised that he was unable to travel far due to health issues, and would have to miss the Annual Reunion Dinner.

Always popular, sporty, played keyboards in the school band and participated in everything musical and stage-performance related. Lately he has been singing in and organising the Dorking Choir "InChoir".     

He leaves a void.