1966 Football glory - not just about the World Cup...

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Martin Ralph has sent us a photo of the School U13 football team of 1966. In Martin’s own words “If memory serves me we played something like 23 games in two seasons and only lost once”.

If Martin’s memory is equally correct, he says the line up in the photo linked below is as follows:

Back row l to r : Dave 'Shoey' Shoebridge, Paul 'honestly sir I'm only 13' Dracott, Graham 'Dozy' Driscoll, Tony Clayton, Julian Akhurst, Gary Ancell, 'Bilge' Barton.

Front row l to r : 'Tatty' Simmons, Brian 'Bips' Maples, Martin Ralph, Johnny Kingsnorth, Graham 'Grim' Knight, Tommy Heppel, Mick 'Poddles' Podlasinski (later to become Mick Stevens)


Martin wonders if anyone has any photos of the U13 or U14 cricket team from this era or if the school has retained any of the old score books. If any old Bordenians from this era would like to contact Martin, he would welcome that. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will pass on any messages to Martin.