Old Bordenians Football Club

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For the third year running, Alan Snelling has organised a get together at UK Paper's Sports Ground of former players of the Old Boys Football Club. 

The Sunday side started in 1973 and there were four from the very first game that year who turned up for the evening.  After many years playing competitive football and as age took its toll, we continued playing together in veteran matches and some still continue in the 5-a-side team that play in a local evening league.
As always, the memories of goals scored, tackles made and matches won were better than the original events.  New body parts and scars were compared.
Forty five years on, it is great to see that so many players remain in contact and enjoy each other's company. Several who were unable to come sent emails hoping to make the next one.
The photo below shows that not a pound in weight has been put on since our playing days

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Back row: Jamie Henley, Peter Thompson, Lee Orgill, Keith Shea, Alan Snelling, Andy Bushell, Stuart Reynolds, Cliff Cork Front row: Sos Farrer, Rob Kemsley, Peter Lusted, Roger Goodger, Mick Pack