A new School Year like no other

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After several months of closure and the summer break, the School is preparing for a new School year which will be like no other. 

First, the School welcomes a new Headmaster. Mr Tomlin (more detail will be provided on the new Head soon) joins 1st September, replacing Jonathan Hopkins who left in Feburary. Garry Mulligan, a senior teacher in Geography department has been leading the School in the interim. What a six months that has been for him!

Second, like schools everywhere, Borden is setting up to tackle the risk of Covid 19. The arrangements are novel. 

When pupils return they will be organised into ‘bubbles’ - year group zones that will be created in the school to minimise contact between students and support all staff in their delivery of the curriculum. Each year group will be allocated a suite of rooms in the same zone with the majority of teaching taking place in these areas. This will mean that teachers will move to students rather than students moving to teachers.

Breaks and lunchtimes will be staggered to once again minimise contact between groups.

We welcome the new Head and look forward to his attendance at the 2021 OBA Dinner; we note with gratitude the interim leadership of Mr Mulligan and wish all pupils and staff a safe 2020-1 academic year.