Plans for new School building (July 2021)

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Borden Grammar School Extension 2023  - Plans for new school building (2021)

The fabric of the School has changed many times in its history. From the 'original' School site on College Road (Old School Building - Heritage Video ( to The Bryan Short block in 1998, it has morphed into the institution of today. 

The next exciting step of our School's history has recently been unveiled, with the announcement of the addition of a new building and refurbishment of existing rooms to help accomodate expansion of numbers. 

The detail below is quoted from the Kent County Council plans and the attached document provides some wonderful illustrations of the plans.

"Kent County Council is the Strategic Commissioner of Education Provision in Kent and has a statutory duty to ensure that sufficient school places are available to meet demand.  To meet the current and projected demand for selective school places, Borden Grammar School has agreed to offer an additional 30 places for September 2021, followed by a permanent expansion from September 2022.

Borden Grammar School will be provided with a new sports hall that will include additional classrooms required to meet the needs of students. Internal refurbishment will also be required in the current school building for a new science lab and an extension to the dining hall."

The OBA will work with the School to assist with the fulfillment of these plans and support where it can.