It's a small world

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Peter Lusted and Alan Snelling recently found themselves in a pub (no surprise there - Ed) and serendipity connected them with an Old Bordenian. Peter picks up the story:

Having chauffeured our wives to the theatre in Canterbury, Alan Snelling and I felt the need to put the world to rights in a local hostelry, whilst waiting for the call to pick them up again. Mindful of the less than welcoming parking charges in the city centre we aimed for the Golden Lion in Broad Oak - with their own car park!

The pub was fairly quiet and had a small group chatting away who turned out to be former Royal Marines on one of their regular get togethers. One of them wandered over for a chat during the evening and lo and behold it turned out he lived in Sittingbourne and used to go to Borden Grammar - a bit before our time. In fact he started in1947.

We proceeded to unearth names of pupils and staff that we all remembered plus some stories heard for the first time. He did in fact do quite a good imitation of George Hardy!

His son had brought him over as his eyesight no longer allowed him to drive, and being a Sittingbourne boy joined in the reminiscing.

And the former Royal Marine was……Alan Hill. From our days organising the Dinner Alan and I both remembered him coming along with his brother Ray.

So, thanks for wandering across for a chat, Alan, we enjoyed our unexpected trip back down memory lane.  It just shows what a small world it can be.