2023 School Prize Giving

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The Association has been pleased to build closer relations with the School Head since his appointment and this includes a number of Old Bordenians being asked to speak at the School's Annual Prize Giving. 

This year, OB Peter Dyson gave that speech. Given Peter sometime ago swapped the grey tones of the Swale Estuary for the bright blue skies of the Californian Pacific Coast, this speech was delivered virtually.  Peter has kindly agreed to us sharing his speech with the wider OBA community. Any OB who feels, as Peter does, that they can help inspire the students of the School at this event, please get in touch. It is a tangible manifestation of our objective to support the School and its students and helps promote the OBA as well. After the prize giving, we received a record number of new members from the departing sixth form students - no doubt in large part to Peter's great speech.